RKB Carpentry & Locksmiths – uPVC & Garage Door Repairs

uPVC and Garage Door Repairs

“Why Replace when we can repair?”

Why spend thousands of pounds replacing when you have no need to? Although the company who originally fitted your UPVC, Aluminum Windows, Glazing, Doors or Conservatories are probably a reputable and skilled company, most glazing companies specialise in fitting only complete Windows and Door Frames and do not have the skill base necessary to repair individual components within these systems.

Thankfully RKB Carpentry and Locksmiths are here to repair and over the years have saved our customers hundreds and hundreds of pounds by fixing only the broken or worn parts that need attention.

We pride ourselves on repairing and not replacing where ever possible thus giving you the customer the most cost effect repair.

We cover:

  • Faulty, discoloured or loose window and door handles
  • Drafty or Stiff windows
  • Complete Multi point mechanism or Just a gearbox (center part of the lock) Replacements
  • Stiff locks or faulty locks
  • Broken or failed hinges on doors and windows
  • Leaky windows
  • Windows and doors locked shut that wont open
  • Security upgrades on all Upvc and all door products
  • Anti snap cylinders supplied and fitted
  • Secured by design handles retrofitted
  • Cracked and perished gaskets
  • Broken letter boxes and misty door viewers
  • Door chains supply and fitted
  • Patio doors faulty sliding and snagging
  • Serviced

UPVC product repair, we cover them all.

Garage Door Repairs

Why not get your garage door repaired that has been faulty for years, we will be able to repair your door so that it works for you, as good as new.

  • Rollers repaired and replaced
  • Cones and springs repaired and replaced
  • Locks repaired and replaced
  • Additional security for that extra peace of mind
  • Locks and gearing serviced